Holiday Difference in Finike – Finike’de Tatil Farkı

Finike: A Hidden Gem of the Turkish Coastline

Nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains lies the charming town of Finike. Often overlooked by tourists in favor of larger coastal cities like Antalya, Finike is a hidden gem that offers a delightful blend of natural beauty, rich history, and authentic Turkish culture. With its stunning beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, and welcoming locals, Finike is a destination that should definitely be on your travel radar.

Discovering the Best of Finike: Beaches, Cuisine, and Culture


One of the main draws of Finike is its breathtaking coastline. The town boasts a number of stunning beaches, including the popular Mermerli Beach with its crystal-clear waters and soft white sand. For those looking for something a little more secluded, the hidden coves of Karaöz Beach and Suluada Beach are perfect for a peaceful day by the sea. And for those seeking adventure, you can explore the underwater world by scuba diving at the nearby Kekova Island.


Foodies, rejoice! Finike is a gastronomic paradise that offers a wide range of delicious dishes showcasing the best of Turkish cuisine. Be sure to try the succulent lamb kebabs, flavorful mezzes, and freshly caught seafood. Don’t miss out on the famous Finike oranges either – they’re sweet, juicy, and bursting with flavor. And for a unique culinary experience, head to the weekly bazaar where locals sell fresh produce, spices, and homemade treats.


Finike is steeped in history, and there are plenty of cultural attractions to explore. The town is home to the ancient ruins of Arykanda, a Lycian city that dates back to the 6th century BC and boasts stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The 16th-century Finike Castle is also worth a visit, with its impressive walls and towers that offer a glimpse into the town’s Ottoman past. And for a taste of local culture, check out the traditional Turkish music and dance performances that take place during the summer months.


With its lush forests, rugged mountains, and turquoise waters, Finike is a nature lover’s paradise. Take a hike in the stunning Olympos National Park, which is home to rare plant and animal species, or explore the nearby Saklıkent Canyon with its dramatic cliffs and icy-cold waters. And for a more relaxing experience, take a boat tour along the stunning coastline to see the hidden coves and secluded beaches that are only accessible by sea.


Finike offers a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets and preferences. From luxury hotels to cozy guesthouses and apartments, there’s something for everyone. For a truly unique experience, consider staying in a traditional Ottoman mansion or a cave hotel carved into the mountainside. And with its warm and welcoming locals, you’re sure to feel at home wherever you choose to stay.


Finike hosts a number of festivals throughout the year, celebrating everything from food and wine to music and culture. The Finike Orange Festival, held in February, is a must-see event that showcases the town’s most famous export. The Lycian Culture and Art Festival, held in May, features traditional music and dance performances, as well as exhibitions and workshops showcasing local handicrafts. And the International Finike Yacht Festival, held in October, is a lively celebration of sailing and maritime culture.

Getting Around

Getting around Finike is easy and convenient. The town is small enough to explore on foot, and there are also plenty of taxis and buses available. For a more adventurous experience, rent a car or scooter and explore the stunning coastline at your own pace. And with Antalya just a short drive away, there are plenty of day trip options available for those who want to explore more of the region.

Finike may be a hidden gem, but it’s not a secret for long. With its stunning beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, rich culture, and welcoming locals, it’s the perfect destination for anyone looking for an authentic Turkish experience. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Finike – you won’t be disappointed!

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